Old Ladies, Fancy Hats and Beautiful Cars


I like small old cars.Sometime back in 2009, I was looking for Beetles, Starlets and Duets.However, when I shared my idea with others; I was told about spare parts that will be difficult to find, poor re-sell value, multiple-garage trips and a whole lot of things that dissuaded me from getting my own  lil’ machine.I still dream about getting one some day though.

Concours D’Elegance


Concours D’ Elegance 2015 took place last Sunday on September 27th 2015. My big bro, Allan never misses the show and this year he mentioned it to me a week prior to the event. In turn, I mentioned it to my gorgeous partner in crime, Yvonne who is always great company and I know she loves cars. So on Sunday morning, Yvonne and I went and joined Allan at JCC for the Church Service before the event. The service was wonderful and the message was on ‘Forget the past and reach forth’, a powerful message. We also did a lot of turn to your neighbor manenos during the service. Always nice turning to a stranger with a big smile, holding hands and saying stuff to them especially when its turn to your neighbor and tell them, ‘you look stunning today!’ Anyway, I digress. Beautiful service, left at 11:30am and then encountered the mother of all traffic jams.


Yvonne and I at the event. Yes of course, we had our hats on. We knew the silent dress-code :-)

Old Age and Traffic Jams

It took us about 15 minutes to get to Ngong Road from town. However, after Prestige Plaza, it took us about 3 hours in very slow moving traffic to get to Ngong Race Course where the event was being held. We tried singing some ol skul to pass the time.At  some point we even go to “Me and my frenzy, on the enzy, Smokin’ sensi sippin’ on some Hennessey…” Come to think about it, what was Sanchez singing about? We were also starving and it was so hot. At some point, we saw an ice-cream vendor and forgot all decorum as gobbled down the ice-cream. There were a dozen police officers around but still traffic was crawling. We passed the time by watching traffic drama. People being pulled over for over-lapping, matatus literally running the streets, breaking all rules with no apologies. Every time boredom started creeping in, a souped up motorbike would zoom past us, getting us all psyched up again. However, we  waited for so long that at some point, I caught my reflection in the mirror and my hair had started graying.


Smile(before the jam started), frown(an hour later stuck in traffic) then old age( 3 hours later). This is what traffic jam does to a person.

Fancy Hats

stunning lady

At about 3pm, we finally arrived at the event. There were hundreds of cars and people milling around. One thing that clearly stood out was the fancy hats worn by both men and women. I am unsure whether it’s the sun or an unwritten dress code but women especially came out in all kinds of hats. I didn’t matter whether they were in jeans, dresses or skirts;the hats were adorned with finesse with each outfit. Some were huge and flapped in the wind while others were so fancy that you would think the ladies had a date with the  Queen.

We saw a lovely chariot at one of the showrooms. I was so enchanted by the chariot and couldn’t stop staring.Well that is  until i saw what was right next to it…..



IMG_20150927_174551Next to the beautiful chariot were 2 ladies who looked like they had stepped right out of the Victorian era. They were chatting and laughing away. I stood and stared, took a few photos, tried to eavesdrop obviously. It was all quite interesting. Like stepping into a story book. I tried to distract them by making faces at them and somersaulting as i photographed them but the ladies were lost in their own world. A world that i was dying to get into.

car 3

The Parade( Beautiful Cars)

We arrived just in time to watch the parade. I struggled to take the photos over the shoulder of this burly man who was acting as a barricade to keep the fans away from the cars. There was great music and excitement all around. Here are some of my favorite photos from the parade.


This Mustang was way too cool. When it drove by, the crowd went wild, screaming and cheering. The driver decided to show it off but displaying some hydrolics and the crowd went wild again. Watching him do the stunts made me think of the 90’S hiphop videos, stuff that Dr.Dre used to do.


car 4

And the parade went on



fancy car


car 5


This car is so beautiful.The color is perfect too.

Other Beautiful cars

After the parade, we went round checking out the cars and I got to take some more photos.




IMG_20150927_163748car bonus bonusCar 2

IMG_20150927_163812bonus car


According the CBA official page

Winners from the CBA Concours d’Elegance 2015 Edition.
Updated on Wednesday
Car Category, overall
1. Phoenix Aviation with a 1928 Ford Model A Tudor
2. Phoenix Aviation with a 1958 VW Beetle
3. Diccon Wilcock with a 1934 Railton


Hope to catch the event next year again.

Dreadlocks, Degrees, Old Friends and Childhood Dreams

Dreadlocks Down
A lot of things have happened in my life this year. For instance, at some point in July, I cut my dreadlocks. I had them for 3 years and I loved them. They represented freedom to me and I liked the natural look. However, I woke up one day, looked at the woman in the mirror and I didn’t like how she looked. The locks represented some kind of oppression at that point, I was sad, I no longer liked how they looked and so without much thought, I went to the salon and had them chopped off. I remember the first time that I cut my hair in 2009; I couldn’t even watch the saloonist cutting my then really long hair. I was emotional and felt a sense of loss. However, cutting my locks this time was like catching a glimpse of the sun after months in solitary confinement. I wanted to look up to the skies, arms wide open and feel the sun on my face. I felt lighter and free. After the excitement of the new change, I am now back to the dilemma of what to do with my hair. I am thinking about having  short hair but then again;  when I was a kid someone once told me that I have the Will Smith ears so I’m not sure if i can rock a short haircut. Perhaps one day I will get the confidence to chop it all off and then I can finally enjoy the feeling of water hitting my scalp when i shower.

This was at the salon, took one last pic


The haircut that i got. still getting used to it though


IMG_20150927_161445In a hat for the first time, experimenting with different looks

Need My Smarts Back
The second big thing that I have done this year is going back to school for my Masters degree. It has been 7 years since I got my first degree. I was excited a bout being a student again. However, I never anticipated just how hard it would be. I don’t know if I lost my smarts, I have always been book smart or maybe I’m just an old lady now with a lot on her mind. The routine of working all day and then rushing off to class from 5:30pm to 8:30pm has been quite a difficult adjustment. The class work seems hard and demanding. I wonder how it will all end. I hope to do well and I do hope the feeling of constant fatigue will soon go away.


The Reunion
Now with the fatigue, I definitely needed a break, something to relax my mind. Luckily, my former classmates had just formed a watsapp group and  planned a reunion. I was excited about catching up with old friends and just getting out of the house for a while and forgetting my books which were getting me all kinds of upset(I’m being dramatic now…lol). The reunion was taking place at Sharks Palace and as usual, I love going to new places.


Sharks Palace
Immediately I got to Sharks Palace, I bumped into Penina who I hadn’t seen in 7 years. Every time I look into the mirror, I see how I have changed with the passing of time. However, looking at her, I’m struck by how much she still looked the same. Next I see Loise and once again, I wondered if I am the only person who has changed with age. She looked stunning, trim figure as always and could easily be mistaken for a 25 year old. We realize that we were the first ones to arrive at the venue and so we take time to look around the place and find a table for the group. At first glance, Shark’s Palace looked like an ordinary nyama choma joint with people around, eating and having drinks(such a Kenyan habit :-)). The place was quite huge. After the girls and I found a table, I went outside to explore and take some photos of the place before the rest of the group joined us.

A 31 year old child and an Amusement Park
And that is when I saw it, a huge amusement park with all kinds of slides. I literally lost my mind. I couldn’t stop smiling and at first even forgot about taking photos. There were roller coaster/360 rides, merry go rounds(not sure if that’s what they are called these days), 180 swing boat and a lot of other stuff. I can’t even explain the joy I felt at that moment. You need to understand one thing, I had never been to an amusement park before. I envied the kids that were playing on the different rides and at first i was unsure whether i was too old to be allowed to join in on the fun. Nevertheless,I decided to ask the attendant if adults could go on the rides. “Hizi ni za watu wazima kwanza.” He said the magic words. I went back to my reunion with plans to get back to the park at some point.

360 ride


Something for the kids



This is how the merry go round looks like from the ground


Kids have a lot of stuff to do at Sharks Palace



Old Friends and Inspiration
At the reunion, more people had joined the group. We spent time eating, reminiscing, catching up and having a good laugh. It was the best time that I had had in a while. One thing about meeting old friends is that you get some inspiration from them. Learn what others do and this motivates you. That is exactly what happened at the reunion. I was challenged and motivated to do more with my life.

I saw this car at the park, simply beautiful. Old is beautiful.


Ruined Childhood Dreams
At some point, I sneaked off and bravely went for my first merry go round ride. I was so excited as I got buckled in. And then, without warning, my seat was flying off into the air. I looked down and could see the trees and rooftops under my feet. I wanted to get off the ride, I was queasy and scared and without realizing I started screaming, “This was a bad idea, this was a bad idea, bad idea, bad idea.” I imagined the chains breaking and me plunging head first to my death. That is not how I wanted to go out.” 31 year old falls off a merry go round and break her neck!” I won’t lie; I couldn’t wait for the ride to stop.I took some time and was once again seduced by the 360 roller coaster. It looked stable enough unlike the merry go round.  The first ride was terrible, again I got queasy as I clutched on the handles, sitting stiffly singing Amazing Grace silently. However, by the third ride, I was able to loosen my death grip enough to take a photo. Shaken, I went back to the reunion disappointed that my childhood dreams of going to an amusement park had ended in such disappointment.


A picture from on-top of the 360 ride

Daredevil Manenos
Interestingly, at around 8:00pm after most people had left, my friends decided to try out the rides. I have no idea why but I was the first one up there. We got on the 360 boat ride which is the scariest thing that I have ever experienced in my life. We were screaming at first with excitement and at some point everyone was screaming, “STOP ,STOP, STOP.” I don’t know whether he heard us but the attendant actually increased the speed and so the boat rocked so hard that at some point it was all up in the air and we were staring down at the ground. I was glad when that ride ended.



The 180 boat ride with friends


On top of the 360 ride having some real fun finally


Enjoying my second ride


This is how fast the merry go round was moving. Yes i was on it at this point.

A Child’s world
We went for a ride on the 360 ride and this time I had so much fun. I stopped holding the seats and screamed in joy all through the ride. Then came round 2 at the merry go round and again it was a blast. This is what I had dreamt about since I was a child. At that moment, I forgot everything else and I was lost in this new world. I took a tour to a child’s world and I loved it there because there were no worries or concerns.
My reunion was one of the most memorable events of my life.

Outside My Window


Jumuia Conference and Country Home

I started working at Limuru a couple of years ago. One thing about this town is that it has a  beautiful landscape with a green cover  of trees and tea plantation giving the environment a feeling of serenity and tranquility. Driving down the road, you get the feeling that you are approaching a monastery and quietness must be observed so as not to disturb Mother Nature. Set just 26kms from Nairobi town and right on the backyard of my office is Jumuia Conference and Country Home.


It was interesting taking these shots(photos taken using a tablet and not a sophisticated camera can still be called shots, yes?ok…moving on) outside the hotel. I was so engrossed with the pics that i didn’t notice the people staring from the matatus. They must have thought that i was some kind of a weirdo, photographing trees on a Sunday morning :-)


Jumuia and I

Through the years, I have visited the resort a couple of times. I have enjoyed many a sumptuous, delicious meal at the hotel and have made a number of memories there. Recently, we had a Church retreat at the resort and I spent my first night there.


Hotel and Church Banners

One of the best aspects of Jumuia Conference and Country Home is the environment in which it is set. As I mentioned earlier on, Limuru is beautiful. Jumuia is surrounded by tall trees and well manicured lawns that make it quite beautiful. Despite being close of the main Limuru road, the resort is quiet and once you get through the gates, you will forget aabout everything happening outside.


The hedge below is trimmed to spell the world ‘welcome‘sorry couldn’t get a good aerial view of it.


I couldn’t take many pictures because this was on Sunday morning before cleanup and there had been a wedding at the location on the previous day. However, i still got this pic.Love the clay vases.



Something for the kids or the young at heart :-)


Awesome Staff Members
I have met a couple of staff members from the resort who always made me feel welcome and quite valued. The Manager, always shakes hands with the guests and ensures that he knows the frequent ones by name. The food and beverages manager takes personal responsibility to ensure that guest requirements have been met. I have also worked very closely with Josephat, Mary and Sarafina who always go out of their way to make all guests comfortable and have also come through for me especially when iv called them for last minute bookings.

Here are some more pics:


I love art and Jumuia has quite some beautiful artwork


I like the idea of having such bright colors at the reception, makes the place quite inviting and warm. I should do this for my house, mh something to think about :-)


Lately, i am fascinated by different lamps. Took these pics while people were having breakfast, can only imagine what they were thinking seeing someone that focused on lights.




This is the outside seating area the hotel. Lovely place with great views.



And the table was perfectly set for breakfast…


Next time you are thinking about where to take your date, well…now you have an idea


No, i did not sleep in this room but yes i have seen it and it really is this beautiful


Looking for a wedding venue in Limuru, somewhere to have a retreat, take a date that you are trying to impress, meet an old friend? Jumuia Conference and Country Home is definitely worth check out.

For more informationhttp://www.resortjumuia.com/jumuia-conference-country-home-limuru/

reservations limuru <reservations.limuru@resortjumuia.com

Saint or Villain

The People’s Drug Lord

mug shot

He was a  Drug Lord in Colombia although his influence went beyond the boarders of his country. For instance, It is said that in the 70’s; he supplied 80% of the Cocaine in America. At some point, he was named by Forbes and Fortunes magazine as the 7th richest man in the world with an estimated worth of 24 billion dollars . This man had amassed so much wealth at the peak of his career; he owned private planes, a private zoo, mansions and apartments all over the country. He surrounded himself with an army of hooligans who carried out all his orders. His soldiers were so loyal such that most of them were ready to die for him. This man was  responsible for hundreds if not thousands of murders in Colombia. Well, this paints a picture of a villain, so you may be wondering why anyone would consider such as man, a saint.Read on and I will tell you the story of Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria

Most of the facts about Pablo sound fictitious. It is hard to imagine anyone having this kind of wealth but then again when you look at his lifestyle, it could all be true.

He was born in 1949 to a middle class family, a son of a peasant and a teacher. Despite his humble background, Pablo had big dreams and was known to have had ambitions of one day becoming the President of Colombia. Pablo  Escobar got into the the life of crime at an early age and it is said that he started with stealing gravestones. This sounds like such a heinous crime and you may wonder why anyone would steal gravestones. Well, it is said that Pablo used to sell them to panama smugglers but I’m not sure what the smugglers would do with them, probably resell them? Pablo eventually graduated to stealing  cars and finally got into the drugs business. From all the reports that i read, it seems that there was no record of Pablo using alcohol, cigarettes or even the cocaine that he was distributing. However, he started using Cannabis(i think that’s just weed) from an early age to his death.

Pablo made a name for himself in the drug world at around 1975 when he took over the leadership of the Medellin Cartel. So powerful was he that he not only controlled the drugs business but also other crimes around Medellin. Again, this all paints the picture of a villain. However, in 1980, Escobar was elected into congress. This gives a glimpse into the many personalities of the man.
Nevertheless, not everyone supported Pablo; they saw through his ‘sainthood’ and even rejected his appointment to congress but Pablo had a way of dealing with his enemies. It was called the ‘silver or lead’ option, translated from Spanish phrases of plata o plomo. Whenever he encountered opposition, Pablo would first try getting his way through offering bribes. This was ‘Silver’ option. If the bribing failed, he would shoot or issue of order to have them killed. This was the ‘Lead-bullets’ option.

Pablo had no mercy when it came to his enemies. There are hundreds of reported deaths with the highest number of  fatalities taking place on November 27th 1989 when he ordered the bombing of flight Aviance 203 killing 110 innocent people. The target for the bombing was a presidential candidate although it was later established he had not been on the plane.

Colombia to give first reparations to victims of Pablo Escobar

Pablo had a growing influence among the masses. He was particularly popular among the poor people of Medellin. He supported different charities, built schools, churches, soccer fields and even homes for them. At some point, it is said that he had so much money that he didn’t have anywhere to keep it and so he gave it out to the poor. This strategy worked. The people of Medellin were inspired by Pablo, a man from a humble background who had made a fortune but still remembered his roots and gave back to the community. He was considered as some wort of ‘Robin Hood‘ especially around the slums if Medellin. Pablo was quite manipulative that he managed to get the loyalty of his soldiers, the poor people of Medellin and even his wife who stuck with him despite his numerous affairs.


Houses built by Pablo Escobar in Medellin

It was hard to get Pablo brought to justice. He had ways of hiding from authority. In addition, he used intimidation, bribes and murders to escape justice. In 1991, there was so much pressure to apprehend Pablo and this led to a bizarre twist, previously unheard of in any part of the country. Pablo agreed to turn himself in to the authorities and in exchange, the government would allow him to build his own prison where he would serve a five years sentence. This prison had sporting facilities; a Jacuzzi, waterfall and even the prison guards were picked by Pablo and were loyal to him. The prison did not have any other prisoners and some of Pablo’s soldiers were the only ones behind walls with him. Pablo still managed to run his drugs empire while behind prison walls. This famous prison was called ‘La Catedral.’


This prison makes it sound like Pablo had gone on a five years vacation…

In 1992, the unimaginable happened, Pablo had two men brought into the prison, tortured and killed within prison walls for being disloyal. The government could no longer turn a blind eye to the dealings at La Catedral and so they planned to have Pablo moved to a normal prison. This led to his escape. There was a huge manhunt for the fugitive with the US government coming in and specially training a task force to bring in/down Pablo. In addition, an organization called ‘Los Pepes’ made up of victims of Pablo had also launched its own manhunt for him.

Pablo met his death on December 3rd 1993 at the hands of the task force bring an end to the two decade reign of terror. There are many innocent people who died at the hands of Pablo especially in the bombings. However, at his funerals, thousands of people showed up, crying and wailing for their fallen hero.

To this day, Pablo is described as both a saint and a villain. It all depends on who you ask.
So why did I decide to share Pablo Escobar’s story? Like most people, I thought he was an enigma. For man to commit so many crimes and still remain a saint among his people, I was fascinated by his story. I have always wanted to know how he manipulated the people for so long. His crimes are unforgivable, surely everyone can see this and yet to some people, he still is considered as a hero.

I first heard about Pablo from my younger brother Sam, who gave me the documentary called ‘The Two Escobars’. This documentary tells the story of Colombian soccer at the time of Pablo’s rule and the connection between the two. It also tells the story of another Escobar, Andres Escobar who was the Captain of the National team during Pablo Escobar’s reign of the drug world. You can read Andres Escobar’s story herehttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Andr%C3%A9s_Escobar

Other documentaries and movies made about Escobar include;

http://The Infiltrator-http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1355631/
Pablo Escobar- King of Cociane-http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0804517/
The True Story of Killing Pablo-http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0365866/?ref_=tt_rec_tt
Sins of May Farther- http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1523980/?ref_=tt_rec_tt
I am very intrigued by ‘Sins of My Father’. It is told by Pablo’s widow and his son. I am currently looking for this documentary.
Escobar; Paradise Lost- http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2515030/?ref_=tt_rec_tt
There are number of books on the life of Pablo Escobar, these include;
Mark Bowden’s: Killing Pablo; The Hunt for the world’s greatest Outlaw





The reason as to why i decided to write Pablo Escobar’s story is because i have just finished the latest series on his life. If you haven’t yet watched Narcos, then you should check it out. You may assume that the show is boring and predictable especially if you already know about Pablo but trust me, it is not. I have watched so many documentaries on Pablo Escobar but still found the show quite interesting because it reveals details about his personal life and other events that have not been revealed in most documentaries. For instance, it is known that Pablo Escobar was behind the bombing of flight Aviance 2013. However, from Narcos, i found out about the bomber and his family. The man who Pablo got to carry out the crime. Its a heartbreaking story and I’m glad that Narcos brought out this angle of the story.

http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2707408/– Checkout Narcos here. It has a rating of 9.1 of imdb which is quite impressive.



NB: This story was put together from researches from a number of articles online and documentaries. All images were from online sources.


By Stephen King

Book Review


A Little Background Info about the assassination

I’ll admit, I had heard about the JFK assassination but  never really knew the circumstances surrounding this historic event or the aftermath of JFK’s death. I had never heard of the name Lee Harvey Oswald until I read 11/22/63 by Stephen King. I think that a little research about the events that unfolded after the assassination will help you understand the book a bit better .Although to be honest, Stephen King wrote 11/22/63 in such a way that anyone can enjoy the book even without knowledge of the event. King had carried out extensive research and explains everything quite well especially in the afterword.

“Almost half a century has passed since John Kennedy was murdered in Dallas, but two questions
linger: Was Lee Oswald really the trigger-man, and if so, did he act alone? Nothing I’ve written in
11/22/63 will provide answers to those questions, because time-travel is just an interesting makebelieve.
But if you, like me, are curious about why those questions still remain, I think I can give you
a satisfactory two-word response: Karen Carlin.” Stephen King-11/22/63

Lee Oswald at a press briefing

 Lee Oswald at a press briefing after the assasination

If like me you are curious to know more about Oswald and the motive behind his actions, check out his wikipedia page; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lee_Harvey_Oswald
It is said that the world changed when JKF died. I ‘Google-ed’ these ‘changes’ and found and an article that listed the below as some of the ways that the world changed after the assassination:
i. TV surpassed newspapers; apparently the assassination received the longest TV coverage unlike any other news event/news that had taken place before it. The article further states that, no other event received such a long news coverage on TV until 9/11
ii. The death of JFK also marked the beginning of the conspiracy era with so many conspiracy theories surrounding the assassination
iii. It offset a permanent distrust of the federal government
iv. A full on military engagement in Vietnam
Read the whole article  here: http://mic.com/articles/74069/5-ways-jfk-s-assassination-changed-america-forever

Okay so with that background info , here is a review of the book(no spoilers).

Stephen King attempts to address the question,’ What would have happened if JFK had not been killed?


I’ll admit,  wasn’t too keen on t reading the book especially because i assumed that the ending would be obvious. However, i had to read it because my book club was reviewing it and it had some really good online reviews.Well, I am definitely glad that i did.
The main character in 11/22/63 is Jake Epping. In 2011, Epping is a divorced, high school teacher leading a normal life until his friend Al, dying of cancer lets him in on a secret that he can travel back into time. If you are like me and not a fan of science fiction, worry not because King does not dwell so much on the actual process of the time travel. Epping finds out that not only can he travel back but Al has also been attempting to go back into the past and change the course of history by stopping the assassination of JFK.
After being convinced by Al to take on the mission, Jeff Epping goes back to the past and takes on the identity George Amberson. We see him make several attempts to change different aspects of the past before setting on the main mission which was to stop the assassination.

The book has an easy flow and is easy to follow even if you have limited knowledge of American History. There were many nostalgic moments as he goes back to the 50s when life seems to have been easier and definitely cheaper. I was amused by the part where Epping is having a conversation with someone from the 1950’S explaining that in 2011, America will have a Black President. The shock and disbelief and the way King expressed it is quite funny. Stephen King also does great work with character development in 11/22/63. Jake Epping is very easy to relate with. His fears, expectations, courage and relationship with Sadie are all too real. Sadie Dunhill is another likeable character that I found quite easy to emphasize with, from her terrible marriage to falling in love with Amberson and then the tragedy that follows, Stephen King did very well is coming up with such a strong female character. Other characters that I liked include Miz Mimi and Deke Simmons.

One thing I didn’t like though was the fact that the event that  Epping set out to change took place in 1963, but he still went back years before the event. This dragged out the book and some chapters were hard to read because the story became too slow. Although it is perhaps understandable that King does this because Epping had to try and change the other events and complete other missions before taking on the major one. I also didn’t like the amount of attention that was given to spying on the Oswald’s. At some point, it became too much that I lost focus on the plot.
Stephen King still finds a way to keep readers turning the pages as you try to find out how it all ends. At one point, i was even tempted to skip to the end and find out whether Amberson was successful in stopping the assasination, however, I stuck with the story all the way to the end.

11.22.63.doc 2
I loved the ending of the book (no spoilers). I think at some point in life we all tend to wonder about would happen if we can go back into the past and change something especially our past mistakes. Read 11/22/63 and find out what the main character, Jake Epping/ George Amberson discovered about changing history.

Maanzoni Lodge

I visited Maanzoni Lodge for the second time this August and just like the first time, I was enchanted by the place. The beautiful lodge is set in such a serene environment making it perfect for weekend getaways or any kind of retreat. The first time that I visited the Lodge was in 2013, going back to the lodge two years later, i was amazed by how much the place had grown. I was informed that the lodge currently has over  270 rooms.

During the two day retreat, there were at least four other groups. It seems that Maanzoni Lodge has become a very popular destination especially for corporate events.

‘Maanzoni Lodge is set on a 10 000-acre ranch with beautiful vistas and wildlife, located in the tropical savannah grassland and in the heart of Lukenya. It is a 40 minute drive to the city centre of Nairobi and 25 minutes from the international airport.’

Here is Maanzoni Lodge in photos:

Beautiful Accomodations

I really wasn’t kidding when i said that the lodge is beautiful. This is a view of the accommodation area is  picturesque, tranquil and breathtaking

Below are some photos of the pool area:

Pool 1

Pool 2

Pool 3

Its a shame that i didn’t get to swim at this magnificent pool, id like to claim that its because i was there for work and not leisure but yeah, water phobia is real :-)

At night, the pool area becomes the bonfire area. I met groups eating, drinking and singing near the pool at night around bonfires. It gave it a camping feel, really nice.

Lounge 2

Lounge Area

This is the lounge area right at the reception. The staff met us there, welcomed us to lodge and offered us a cold glass of juice before taking us to the rooms. Royal treatment :-)

Below are some pics of my room. The rooms are quite spacious, clean with comfy beds. There is a TV in each room too. In 2013, i got a room with some kind of a patio with seats outside, really beautiful too.

Room 1

I wish i was allowed to take this bed home with me, it was way too comfy…

Room 2


The bathrooms all have hot showers but you need to ask the staff to show you how to work the showers. I had to do with a cold shower on the first day before i learned the tricks.

Another thing i really love about Maanzoni is the food. Seriously, the chefs outdo themselves with every single meal and honestly, that was my favorite part of the retreat.I bet i gained a Kg or two during the retreat but it was worth it.

Below are pics of the two dinning areas at the lodge.

Dining Area

Inside Dinning Area

The rest are photos of the accommodation area, i have so  many nice shots of this place. Its so beautiful and easy to photograph. I had to restrain myself from uploading too many pics. They were all so lovely. Here are some of my favorite ones:



Accomodation 1IMG_20150731_164839




Next time your organization has a conference or if you are looking for a getaway just outside Nairobi, you should check out Maanzoni Lodge.

Check out their official website for more details:http://www.maanzonilodge.co.ke/

The staff are the lodge are amazing and very helpful. For bookings, i have dealt with Kanini Musau, Sales and Marketing Manager. Her email address is kanini@maanzonilodge.co.ke talk to her if you need any information, she is really friendly and helpful.  I also met Asumpter Kanini, the Guest Relations Officer who gave me a brief tour of the lodge and told me about the expansion, a very lovely and cheerful lady. The whole team was great from the customer care desk, the chefs and their crew and Douglas who facilitated the team building events. They add to the enchantment of the place.

So why go to Maanzoni? Well, id say because its a great, beautiful lodge where you will get to enjoy the serene environment while also enjoying good service from the staff members.Its definitely worth a visit.

7th Heaven at Moof Africa

7th Heaven

7th Heaven
When I see their happy faces smilin’ back at me
7th Heaven
I know there’s no greater feelin’ than the love of family

Where can you go
When the world don’t treat you right
The answer is home
That’s the one place that you’ll find


I found this at the entrance of the Moof Africa grounds, not really sure what it is though but it kinda looks artistic :-)

Family Time

I always thank God for the gift of family. Every second that I get to spend with them is a great blessing and I hope and pray that I will never take them for granted. They have always been there for me through the tears and laughter and I can’t imagine my life without them.

Going home and spending time with your family and your real friends keeps you grounded.
Jennifer Ellison

I remember in 2013,when I was involved in an accident ,the first person that I thought about was my mother and despite the fact that I was far from her and it was 4:00am, I called her and she answered on the second ring. By 6:00am, she was on Mombasa Road following the ambulance that was taking me to K.N.H. She spent the whole day with me as I went through one test after the other and took me home where she stayed for a week nursing me back to health. That is what family does, they bail you out of tough situations that you get yourself into and they stay with you long after everyone else has left.


outside seating area at Moof Africa
I remember years back after moving out of my folk’s place after getting my  first job, I thought I was finally Miss Independent. However, my first salary got stolen during a robbery at my workplace and so I had to call home and ask for assistance in paying rent .This was a reminder to the young and naive Miss Independent that I was trying to be, that I will always need my family.

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